Public consultation for 32 New Lane, Havant - a partnership project between Kingsbridge Estates & Bridges Fund Management

Thank you for visiting our website, where you can find out more information about our proposals for 32 New Lane, which is currently occupied by Pfizer. We are planning a smooth transition, so the site is redeveloped swiftly, once they have relocated their operations off-site. This is important given this is a key employment location close to the A27 and A3 (M) strategic road network. However, we are very aware of the proximity of other businesses and residents to the site and therefore keen to engage with all stakeholders on our long-term ambitions.


Due to the current Coronavirus restrictions, we were unable to meet in person to discuss the proposals. We therefore made alternative arrangements and put all of the same information that we would have shown at the public exhibition on this website for local residents to review and make comments.

The first phase of our public consultation started on Monday 4th January and ran until the 25th January 2021. We have retained the information provided during the consultation period in case people would like to review this again prior to the planning application being submitted.


The Site

The site and the surrounding industrial estate was developed from agricultural land in the 1960s. A large factory occupied the site originally, quite close to the road frontage, with later developments in the 1970s which saw an increase in buildings further east towards the railway embankment. By 1975, this area now known as Havant North Industrial Estate had expanded north towards West Leigh and southwards towards Havant. The residential suburb to the west also started to expand during this period but it was not until the late 1980s that the Nutwick farmland beyond the railway to the east was developed into a residential area. 

32 New Lane (also known as John Wyeth Laboratories) has a lengthy planning history, with public records dating back to the 1990s. One of the earlier permissions described the redevelopment of the existing site as “Construction of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Packaging and Development Laboratory (OTC/PDL Facility)”. This was superseded in 1998 by an approval to demolish the existing manufacturing buildings and the construction of a new warehouse within the eastern part of the site. There have also been additional warehouses erected to house cold stores since then.

Part of the original site was redeveloped to form new warehousing at Velocity, which is now in separate ownership. This has made the remaining site fairly uniform in shape apart from a small area to the north adjacent the railway line. The majority of the site is built-up, with large warehouse buildings and areas of hardstanding. There are mature trees along its boundaries, some of which are protected by Tree Preservation Orders.

The site is currently used as a cold chain packaging, storage and distribution facility. This is a specialist distribution use given it involves pharmaceuticals, with offices to support its main function. The proposal seeks to redevelop the site, with buildings that are fit for purpose for a storage and distribution use, albeit serving what is often called a ‘last-mile’ facility which distributes small parcels predominantly within the Hampshire and West Sussex area.

Havant Property Investment LLP

In November 2020, the site was acquired from John Wyeth & Brother Limited (a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical company, Pfizer) who will remain in occupation under a short-term lease whilst they complete their relocation of operations and exit the site. This is a new joint venture between Kingsbridge Estates Ltd and Bridges Fund Management Ltd. For examples of projects each development Partner has been involved in recently, please go to and for further details.

This is a key employment site in the region, and we look forward to continuing to work with Havant Borough Council and local stakeholders to bring forward a scheme to meet demand for high quality logistics space. We are delighted to be working with Bridges Fund Management, who as an impact investor, are at the forefront of sustainable development in the UK and are closely aligned with our own values and objectives.

Chris Fry, Chief Executive of Kingsbridge

We believe this important site in Havant can play a key role in meeting the demand for warehouse space and supporting the growth of the local economy. We are excited by the opportunity to create a highly sustainable development that will minimise environmental impact while maximising wellbeing and cost savings for future tenants.

Henry Pepper, Investment Director at Bridges Fund Management


Havant Property Investment LLP take the views of the local community seriously, and whilst we are limited in what we can host in-person, we will make alternative provisions if you would like to speak with a member of the design team on a particular issue. A Public Consultation Flyer was recently distributed to hundreds of nearby residents outlining our proposals. We also advertised this website through the use of social media, in a local newspaper and met with Havant Borough Council alongside other stakeholders. Please do forward these details to anyone that you think may also be interested.

Download a copy of the Public Consultation Flyer

Our Proposals

The proposals seek to redevelop the site and use it as a ‘last mile’ storage and distribution centre, where parcels are delivered via small vans to customers in the wider area. The proposal will also include a decked storage area which will house a fleet of vans overnight while drivers are not out on deliveries. Access and movement alongside operational requirements of the intended end-user is discussed in more detail in the Transport Summary within the attached proposals document. The proposal seeks to make effective use of a previously developed site on which storage and distribution uses have been established through the site’s planning history and previous use. The proposal will also continue to provide employment, in line with the Havant’s adopted Development Plan. The end-user is very conscious of nearby residents, with noise mitigation measures incorporated into the scheme where these are required. A Construction Management Plan will also be in place during the demolition and construction phases if planning permission is granted.

Download Proposal Pack

Next Steps

Our plans for 32 New Lane will offer a number of benefits, including new employment opportunities to people in the local area. We are also very much aware of the Climate Change agenda, with an aim of achieving BREEAM ‘Excellent’ sustainability rating. This sustainability assessment tool will ensure the development from procurement, the design, construction and operation stages, all makes efficient use of resources.  For example, electric charging infrastructure for both cars and commercial vehicles will be included. We aim on strengthening planting along the boundaries and enhancing the ecology value of the site. We will also encourage staff to travel to work by alternative means without relying on the car given a potential workforce is located on its doorstep. We will also make local highway improvements to New Lane and Crossland Drive Junction, the details of which are being discussed with Hampshire County Council. Please see the proposals section on Access, Highways and Parking for more details.


The public consultation period ran from Monday 4th January and finished on 25th January 2021. 

Since providing leaflets to residents and inviting key local stakeholders to provide input, the design team have received a number of responses. The applicant would like to thank all local residents and representatives who have contributed to the consultation process. All comments are being carefully considered by the design team in preparation of the final documents.

Further updates on the progress of the scheme will be published on this website, including when the planning application is submitted to the Council. Local residents will have the further opportunity to comment directly to Havant Borough Council during the planning application consultation process and the team will remain available to discuss any issues arising as appropriate.